PA & NJ Christmas carolers
PA & NJ Christmas carolers

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are answers to some of the questions we often receive. For a question that isn't answered below, e-mail us or call 610-838-9849. We're happy to answer!

How far in advance should I hire Olde Towne Carolers?
Contact us for booking as soon as you have your dates set for your event – the earlier in the year, the better. We get the majority of our inquiries in August and September, and by the time December arrives, we are usually quite booked for the season. However, we have been able to fit in last-minute inquiries in the past, so always try!

What kind of repertoire does Olde Towne Carolers perform?
We perform a vast selection of holiday songs and carols - from sacred to secular, from old to new, covering many cultures and languages. In addition to well-known standards, we also include rare gems that are not as frequently heard. We also specialize in Austrian and German Christmas carols. See our Services and Repertoire page for a sample song list.

Can I request specific Christmas songs?
You may absolutely request specific songs! If you let us know your request in advance, we will work to have that piece in place for your holiday event. We can even organize our music into special groups or themes if you would like us to – just let us know ahead of time. If you or one of your guests requests a piece while the event is going on, we will definitely perform it if it is in our book!

Can I hire more than one service or caroling group for my Christmas party?
You can hire as many services or groups as you need! Also, you can hire holiday carolers in the quantity you wish (trio, quartet, quintet...even octet!). Very often we will be asked to send out a caroling group and a brass quartet to the same party. Or the Piano and Voice Duo to switch off with the carol singers during a long event. We can even send multiple caroling groups if your event is large or longer than four hours.

Will Olde Towne Carolers travel for a performance?
Olde Towne Carolers is always willing to travel for an event. Even though we primarily provide PA and NJ Christmas carolers, we've also often performed in New York City, Ohio, Delaware, and Maryland, and we are now serving the Boston area and Massachusetts as well. But please keep in mind that traveling long distances will involve an additional travel fee.

How long is a typical holiday caroling booking?
The majority of our engagements are 1-2 hours long. But some are substantially longer than that. Any performance over an hour long will include breaks for our musicians. Even the most enthusiastic Christmas carolers need a rest!

What kind of training do your musicians have?
All of our carol singers are professional musicians. Most have multiple college degrees in music and all perform professionally in the region in many various performance groups. Olde Towne Carolers rarely holds open auditions. Founder Jennifer Graf personally selects every singer from her various professional musical ventures. All of our Christmas carolers and musicians are talented, hard-working, and trustworthy. See our Performers page for specific details about everyone's education and experience.

Where does Olde Towne Carolers get their Victorian Christmas caroler costumes?
Our caroling costumes are truly unique! The majority of our costumes are hand-made by Lynn Graf, mother of our group’s founder. Additional costumes have been made by the talented Kate Nealley, whom Jennifer has worked with in many theatrical productions in the area. We are very grateful for their hard work and time!

We loved Olde Towne Carolers! Where can we get a recording so we can hear you again?
Olde Towne Carolers plans to release a promotional EP in late 2016, so check back! For the time being, many of our carol singers are featured on Jennifer Graf’s CD release Echoes of Christmas Past. You can also hear Jennifer, with accompanist Terry Musselman, on Ms. Graf’s CD Tidings of Christmas.

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